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Stephen B. LeGrand

MCC Foundation Board of directors

Steve LeGrandStephen B. LeGrand holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Northern Iowa, an MBA from the University of Iowa, certification in Integrated Supply Chain Management from the University of Tennessee, CPIM certification from the American Production & Inventory Control Society and a certification in Technology from the Society of Manufacturing Engineering. 

LeGrand joined the Valmont Company in 2007, as the VP of Global Operations for the Irrigation division with plants in US, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, China and Dubai. Prior to coming to Valmont, he was with the Kohler Company, serving as the director of operations, Worldwide for Power Systems division, producing small and large industrial grade generators for the standby power generator market. In this position, he led a growing global operations team in Singapore, China, India and the U.S. He was responsible for managing, integrating and capturing worldwide operational synergies in all operational disciplines. Stephen has a strong background in lean manufacturing, quality, customer service, cost management and safety.

LeGrand has held several community positions in youth organizations to help foster athletic development, sportsmanship and positive management of young athletes. In addition, he has been involved with school fund raising, education and neighborhood management. His hobbies include golf, exercising, hunting and reading.

LeGrand joined the MCC Foundation to help foster the development of students wanting to enter the workforce with skills that are relevant to the needs of the working environment. To accomplish this, he believes it is imperative that business professionals get involved to help colleges with infrastructure, equipment, tools and guidance needed to equip our teachers and faculty members with the right vision, direction and best available resources to aid the learning process. As new technologies evolve throughout our world, we need workers who are well prepared to implement these concepts, leading our country to keep the fabric of America strong for generations to come.