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Audren and Evelyn Swanson Memorial Scholarship

Born in 1909, Audren Swanson farmed about 65 years in north central Nebraska. He retired at age 85; died at 93. Working the soil was his life. Audren began farming on his own in the early 1930's. He saw many changes in farm equipment and farming techniques - from working with a team of horses and a wagon and picking corn by hand, cutting grain with a binder and later threshing it, to powerful tractors, combines and corn picker/shellers. His primary farming method for many years was crop rotation. He possessed a love for trees and planted several "wind breaks" on his farms. He also built dams to prevent soil erosion. Even though Audren only held an eighth-grade education, he became a successful farmer, acquiring many acres of productive farmland. He valued education and often said he wished that he had been able to attend high school. However, he was the second oldest in a family of eight children and at that time, he was needed at home to help work the family farm.

This scholarship was established by their daughter and long-time former Metropolitan Community College employee, Janice Halbur.

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Financial need is required
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Pursuing an associate degree or certificate program in the horticulture program

Scholarships are usually offered during the spring and fall quarters. Scholarship availability varies depending on donor giving.