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Demetria Geralds - 2024 Distinguished Alumni

Demetria Geralds

Demetria is a multi-disciplinary artist with experience in fashion, costume design, and community cultivation. Demetria’s interest and creativity surrounding the business of fashion and textiles goes back to her childhood where she received teaching from her grandmother, who was a quilter and guidance from her entrepreneur mother.

In 2018, Demetria was the first "official" graduate of the MCC Fashion program. A fond memory Demetria has from her time in the Fashion program is traveling to the Garment District in New York to research and visit manufacturers that could help her scale her designs. After graduating, she quickly delved into the creative demands of fashion and costume design. She set high goals for herself and her craft and in 2023 she was credited as lead costume designer for an Emmy Award winning Short Form Content documentary. She also worked behind the scenes in the wardrobe department for the Tony Award winning Broadway show, Hamilton.

During her time at MCC, Demetria, a twenty-year military veteran, worked in the Veterans Services Office, where she helped fellow veteran navigate post military education. She was a dedicated and active member of the MCC Student Veteran’s Association as well. As a MCC Veteran alumni, Demetria continues to field questions about educational benefits and entitlements. She encourages her fellow vets to take classes, credit and non-credit, that are beyond their preferred programming that will help them have a smoother transition to civilian careers.

Even after graduating MCC, Demetria has remained involved in the MCC Community, she has lent her expertise as a judge, guest panelist, and mentor to support MCC sponsored Student Night for Omaha Fashion Week (OFW). Demetria is most proud of creating a scholarship from her 2017 season prize winnings (OFW); that offered art supplies to eligible MCC Fashion students. Additionally, Demetria is a regular guest speaker for the Principles of Fashion class, where she shares her insights on fashion, marketing, merchandising with MCC students.

Although most of Demetria's work in costume and design work finds her behind the scenes, her previous work with the MCC Marketing Department found her in front of camera as the subject for an MCC ad campaign. Demetria found this experience to be valuable because she gained knowledge surrounding production, sound, lighting and editing. This unique MCC opportunity aided Demetria when she later worked on national commercials for Bank of America and Samsung.

Demetria's most recent ventures find her in the driver’s seat of her mobile art unit, known as the SowMobile. The SowMobile host workshops that make art, fashion (art) and textiles accessible for all. In regards to the SowMobile, Demetria says her goal is to "Sow creativity, peak imaginations and inspire others to access their inner artist." The SowMobile featuring its "Sow it. Forward movement." along with several other pieces of Demetria's work, is currently showcased in a permanent exhibit at the Kiewit Luminarium, Omaha.

Demetria is passionate about helping others reach their creative potential, she has served as a mentor for the Joslyn Kent Bellows Mentorship Program where she helped students develop and shape their ideas. One of her former mentees is currently practicing fashion design in Paris while another is enrolled in the fashion program at Columbia College in Chicago.

Demetria fancies herself a "treasure-finder", due to her affinity for thrift shops and estate sales. She explores all art mediums. She also enjoys traveling and family adventures.