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Donated Leave Program

The Donated Leave Program (DLP) was established to provide a measure of financial assistance to full-time and part-time regular employees who have exhausted all accrued leave (annual leave or personal leave, and sick leave,) during the course of a certified FMLA serious illness or injury, or to provide care for an immediate family member with a certified FMLA medical condition.

To be eligible to apply for DLP benefits, employees must have donated at least one day of accrued annual leave (personal leave for faculty) the DLP bank for the applicable fiscal year, and meet all eligibility criteria as prescribed in P.M. VI-40,  Donated Leave Program.  The identity of donors and recipients is kept confidential.
Donated leave benefits are subject to availability and, if approved, are paid at the recipient's current base rate of pay, up to a maximum of six weeks.
Participation in the DLP will cease upon the exhaustion of the maximum number of hours allowed, termination of employment, death of the employee or eligible family member, or end of the fiscal year.

HR contact: Cindy Croy, 531-622-2231, or Julie Nohrenberg, 531-622-2232,