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Board of Governors June 2020 6m Resolution


The unjustifiable, unfortunate death of many Black Americans and other people of color and the demonstrations those acts have inspired, demand more than thoughts and prayers, but action. We owe it to our Black students, faculty, staff, supporters, and friends to say that we see you, and that we see your pain. And we intend to share what Metropolitan Community College will do to contribute solutions moving forward.

WHEREAS, current events require leaders to stand against the brutality and murder of unarmed Black men and women by declaring unequivocally that Black Lives Matter; and

WHEREAS, proclaiming that Black Lives Matter does not negate the commitment of Metropolitan Community College’s mission statement to “deliver relevant, student-centered education to a diverse community of learners;” rather, this resolution recognizes that the experience of the Black community has been fundamentally different from others since 1619; and

WHEREAS, MCC is a college of all communities in our four county area, we stand and support everyone. We do not discriminate against any individual or group of people. MCC will continue to provide the education to all students and support our staff, instructors, maintenance, and administrators.

WHEREAS, both national and local deaths have resulted in hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens peacefully protesting in the streets all across our country, including here in Nebraska, demanding accountability and justice and equality; and

WHEREAS, this current and historical reality of the Black community in America forces us to acknowledge that All lives cannot matter without specifically stating that Black Lives Matter; and

WHEREAS, the Nebraska Legislature established community colleges to be “student-centered, open-access institutions primarily devoted to quality instruction and public service, providing counseling and other student services intended to promote the success of a diverse student population, particularly those who have been traditionally underserved in other educational settings” (Neb. Rev. Stat. § 85-962); and

WHEREAS, MCC recognizes that many of those the College has been called to serve are those marginalized and oppressed by fundamentally racist systems and individuals; and

WHEREAS, MCC strives to fulfill its fundamental responsibility to serve those who come to us for education and skills development with compassion, respect, and equality, yet we acknowledge that we can do more to improve access, services and outcomes for all students, regardless of race, background, or circumstance; and

WHEREAS, the MCC Board of Governors is committed to move beyond initial public statements and observations, to enact ongoing, collaborative solutions that lead to opportunity for all who interact with MCC, that strengthen our neighborhoods and communities, and that reflect the College’s values of diversity, equity and inclusion.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the MCC Board of Governors commits to actively create smooth educational and training pathways that build critical skills, lead to careers of opportunity and improved employment outcomes for all MCC learners; and

LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that the MCC Board of Governors shall demonstrate its ongoing commitment to positive action by ensuring a college-wide equity and inclusion assessment, regular reporting mechanisms on subsequent recommendations, monthly board agenda topics, by setting necessary policy to ensure the College actively works to fulfill its mission for its diverse community of learners.

Submitted by Maureen K. Monahan, Chair, Board of Governors