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Instructional Design

Faculty interested in creating effective, engaging and accessible content are encouraged to tap into the services provided by an instructional designer at IDS. An instructional designer provides a variety of services ranging from designing and developing a brand new course to redesigning an existing course.

Services include:

  • Analyzing learner needs
  • Designing and developing content, such as learning resources and assessment items, to meet course objectives and outcomes
  • Selecting appropriate technologies and media to support teaching and learning
  • Creating content accessible by all learners
  • Developing activities that allow students to interact with content thus increasing retention and recall of learning

Working with an instructional designer provides instructors with a wealth of expert knowledge in using innovative technologies to create a more student-focused learning environment to increase student engagement, and ultimately enhance student learning.

If you're interested in learning more about these services, or want to start creating new and engaging content, Contact IDS by phone or email to make an appointment.