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3D Animation and Modeling

For the first time, IDS provides 3D services including 3D modeling, animation and simulations.

Illustrate fluid movement, growth progress and other intricate graphical relationships through 3-D modeling, animation or motion graphics.


AUTT - Al Cox - Animation

This example illustrates the operation of a car’s radiator and thermostat, showing the movement of parts and flow of coolant.


Aquaponics - Animation

Small 3D compounds were created to help illustrate how aquaponics works.



Protein Fabrication - 3D Model

Two separate 3D scans of a half hog in the protein fabrication class. The two parts were added together to provide a full 3D model.


Half Hog

3D Printed

This is a functioning five speed transmission for the automotive department. Students can have a safe, low cost, handheld model to learn things like power flow or gear ratios.

image examples

Radiator cap

Radiator Cap flow


thermostat with particles to show water flow