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Student Achievement

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MCC enrollment data. Graph data is shown below.

Graph data

Business enrollment numbers by area

  • ACAAS: 329 students
  • BGAAS: 530 students
  • BSTAA: 640 students

Almost half of students (49%) were in academic transfer programs; close to four of 10 (38%) were in career/technical programs; and some (13%) were undecided.

MCC Business Student Performance on Outbound Assessments

The following table benchmarks MCC Business students with relatively similar student populations at other 2-year institutions. This information assesses strengths and informs opportunities for curriculum and program improvements.

Content Area Assessed Metropolitan Community College Similar 2-year institutions
Accounting 65.08% 47.72%
Business Ethics 63.64% 46.04%
Business Finance 64.09% 40.52%
Business Leadership 62.88% 48.87%
Economics 64.39% 44.12%
Macroeconomics 61.82% 42.39%
Microeconomics 66.97% 45.87%
Legal Environment of Business 69.09% 50.70%
Management 63.03% 51.14%
Human Resource Management 65.74% 54.82%
Operations/Production Management 59.38% 48.18%
Organizational Behavior 64.09% 49.99%
Marketing 68.64% 48.24%
Total 65.08% 47.72%

Data compiled by Peregrine Academic Services, a division of Peregrine Global Services, Inc. for the period of 9/1/2019 - 7/16/2020.


Graduate Outcomes Employment and Wage Data is sourced from the Nebraska Department of Labor, Nebraska Longitudinal Data System. This includes data specific to employing industries and earnings.


Companies and organizations are often impressed by job applicants who have industry knowledge and participation. Many professional organizations and associations provide student membership opportunities allowing students to participate in meetings, attend conferences, etc. These are outstanding collaborative and networking platforms and valuable inclusions on professional profiles on Linkedin and resumes.

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