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Economic Specialist


The MCC Economic Specialist Career Certificate is designed for students who are interested in current and political events, economic information and data, and the impact of economics in domestic and global markets. This program of study should be seen as a preparatory path for students who are planning to complete a Bachelor's degree in Economics.

Students pursuing the MCC Economics Career Certificate explore economic strategies for making critical decisions for themselves and their community in the face of scarcity. Students learn how to make basic and difficult decisions about how to best satisfy our infinite needs and wants with our limited resources. Students study the application of the principles of economics – including supply and demand, opportunity cost, real value, and many others – to local, domestic, and global concerns. Understanding how to

Job & Salary Outlook

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Learning goals

  • Interpret economic information and data
  • Demonstrate economic literacy through various communication methods
  • Critically evaluate economic phenomena from multiple theoretical perspectives
  • Analyze complex problems and arguments using economic models or reasoning
  • Evaluate domestic and global impact of major economic legislation and government policies

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Academic Pathway

Students may use the Economic Specialist Career Certificate as a pathway to further their Business education in completion of the following Certificates and Degrees:


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