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American Sage Spotlights

The American Sages Project celebrates stalwarts of American Regional Cuisine by integrating their work into our curriculum.

Students at the Institute for the Culinary Arts use the wisdom from these sages to guide their menu-development process while they are in Fine Dining and Plated Desserts courses.

The cooks on this list are here because they have:

  • Made a major contribution to the American restaurant & culinary scene.
  • Life stories that champion originality and authenticity in specific regional or ethnic cuisine.
  • Left an accessible and indelible legacy through books, television, and other media.
Sage Chef Spotlight map of USA with interactive locations of chefsCecilia Chiang Alice Waters Colby & Megan Garrelts Marcus Samuelsson Sean Sherman Aaron Franklin Jacques Pepin Dan Barber Hank Shaw Tom Douglas Edna Lewis Paul Prudhomme Lidia Bastianich Sean Brock James Hemings Mark Miller Rick Bayless Douglas Rodriguez Thomas Keller Charlie Trotter Roy Choi Julia Child