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ICA High School Culinary Invitational

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ICA High School Culinary Invitational

About the Invitational

The Institute for the Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community College has been proud to host the ICA High School Culinary Invitational at the Institute for the Culinary Arts on the Fort Omaha Campus. The Invitational is currently being reorganized. The advent of Covid-19 has given ICA an opportunity to work on the  development of a more enhanced experience for the participating students.

The ICA Invitational showcased the culinary and academic talents of high school students within a 100-mile radius. The invitational has been supported by the students and faculty of MCC, ICA and leaders in the food service and hospitality industry since 2010.

The highlight and continued focus of the ICA Invitational are the area's best young people participating in a culinary skills competition. Any high school team is eligible to qualify for this exciting competition.Schools do not need to be affiliated with any program to participate. The competition will continue to help prepare students for other professional culinary competitions, such as ProStart and SkillsUSA.

The Overall Philosophy of the Invitational

  • Provide a format for high school culinary arts students to prepare for other professional culinary competitions.
  • Recognize students for excellence and team participation.
  • Involve the industry in directly evaluating student performance.
  • Showcase the outstanding Culinary Arts program at MCC, which trains students in relevant skills preparing them for careers in the food service and hospitality industry.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If your organization is interested in sponsoring future ICA High School Culinary Invitationals, please contact Lauren Balak at or call 531-MCC-2321. We are grateful for each of the sponsors who have supported us for past events and thank them all for their valued contributions.

Founder Level Sponsor

Metropolitan Utilities District


Bronze Level Sponsor



           RunzaMercer CulinaryNew Chef Fashion Inc.Omaha SteaksGood things come from Sysco                

Nebraska Beef Council                  


With questions or to request additional information, contact:

Lauren Balak: