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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

In response to incidents of student dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, illegal peer-to-peer file sharing, etc.), the College imposes specific actions that may include receiving a failing grade on a test, failure in the course, suspension from the College, or dismissal from the College. More information specific to Student Conduct and Discipline can be found in MCC's Student Conduct and Discipline Procedure Memorandum.


Students are reminded that materials they use are sources for classwork may be subject to copyright protection. Further, content presented in the course is also subject to copyright protection. Students may not reproduce said materials including - but not limited to, course content, assessments (quizzes, exams, etc.), discussions, etc. Additional information about copyright is provided for you on our Copyright webpage.

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To promote ethical use of source materials and integrity in students' written work, Metropolitan Community College subscribes to, a service that provides document source analysis in order to detect plagiarism. Students enrolled in this class agree that all required work my be submitted to To review the purpose and values of this service, you may wish to review Turnitin's company values here.

Policy & Procedures

For additional information regarding MCC policy and procedures, see all of them at the College's Policy and Procedures page.