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Litigation Specialist (LITCC)


This career certificate prepares students for careers in law specific to litigation. Students pursuing the MCC Litigation Specialist Career Certificate learn about the roles and functions of litigation professionals who provided support to attorneys throughout the litigation process. Job functions include conducting investigations; participating in pre-trial matters through documents and functions such as pleadings, motions, evidence, discovery, hearings, and depositions; and facilitating alternative dispute resolution, settlements, trials, appeals, and other post-trial matters.

Job & Salary Outlook

For current information regarding income and careers in legal occupations, see the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Learning Goals

  • Explore the functions of the litigation process through a civil action and the role of the litigation specialist in this process.
  • Analyze the role and function of litigation as it applies to the concept of legal wrongs and their treatment in law and the role of the litigation specialist in this process.
  • Understand the role of a litigation specialist regarding family law cases involving divorce, child custody and child support, restraining orders, paternity determinations, guardianships, and adoptions.
  • Analyze the litigation professional's role in assisting attorneys in matters involving criminal law and procedure.
  • Explore the functions of the litigation process through evidentiary and discovery matters and the role of the litigation specialist in this process.
  • Examine the litigation specialist's role in drafting estate planning documents and related legal documents for estate administration and the probate process.


Students select a total of 6 courses (27.0 credits) from those listed below.

  • LAWS 1110 - Litigation 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2320 - Torts 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2322 - Family Law 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2324 - Criminal Law & Procedures 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2326 - Evidence & Discovery 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2420 - Wills, Trusts & Estates 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2323 - Labor & Employment Law 4.5 Credits
  • LAWS 2325 - Bankruptcy, Credit & Collections Law 4.5 Credits

Degrees & Certificates Offered

Academy Pathway

Students may use the Litigation Specialist Career Certificate as a pathway to further their Legal Studies education in completion of the following Certificates and Degrees:


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For More Information Contact

Sherman Willis
J.D., B.A., RICP®, Licensed Insurance Agent - Nebraska and Iowa
Business Area Division Coordinator | Law/Insurance Instructor
MCC Sarpy Center | 531-622-3832

Academic Focus Area (AFA) Community & Human Services

Associate in Applied Science: Legal Studies - Paralegal and Legal Studies
Paralegal Accelerated Certificate of Achievement

American BAR Association - ABA Approved