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Career Disqualifiers

Individuals considering a degree or employment in the criminal justice profession must be aware of strict employment qualification. Criminal Justice agencies carefully scrutinize candidates to select those who will always maintain the public's trust and confidence.

A Criminal Justice career requires a person to have integrity, a sense of responsibility, good judgment, and physical fitness. Mental stability and discipline are also necessary to succeed in this challenging career field, as are excellent communication skills and attention to detail.

  1. The biggest disqualifier is if you have a felony conviction. A felony is a crime for which the punishment is more than one year in a prison. This conviction applies even if committed as a juvenile.
  2. The next major disqualifier is conviction of a crime involving character such as theft, perjury, burglary, assault, robbery, sexual assault, spouse, and child abuse.
  3. If you have a criminal conviction, contact our program director to discuss if your criminal history will prevent you from working in the criminal justice field.