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Nursing Students in class

Practical Nursing (PN)


The Practical Nursing program at MCC prepares students interested in helping others in the healthcare field. This is a one-year certificate program.

Practical nurses perform a variety jobs in public and private healthcare organizations. They care for the sick, check vital signs, assist with patient care planning and more under the direction of a physician, nurse or nurse practitioner.

Students who successfully complete the program and the subsequent NCLEX-PN examination through the State Board of Nursing can practice as an entry-level PN in the United States.

Students who complete the MCC Practical Nursing program can continue onto the College’s Nursing program to receive an associate degree.

Job & Salary Outlook

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Degrees & Certificates Offered


Nancy Pares, RN, MSN, program director/instructor
Kristin Dolezal, RN, MSN, instructor
Diana Blum, RN, MSN, instructor
Lori Saville, RN, MSN, instructor
Alex Winter, RN, MSN, EdD, instructor
Angela Kielisek, RN, MSN, instructor
Richelle Christensen, RN, MSN, instructor
Connie Martin, RN, MSN, nursing tutor


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