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Computer Programming

ITPCC - Overview

Computer Programming - Overview

There are four programs divided up into two levels.

Level I Career Certificate

The Computer Programming Pathway consists of one, Level I career certificate. This pathway also includes two, Level II career certificate choices.

The MCC Computer Programming pathway allows students to develop computer technology skills used in critical information technology roles in a wide variety of industries. Computer programmers use programming languages such as Python, Java, C# (C-Sharp), and C++ to create software that runs on a computer or mobile device. Any feature that people interact with on their computers or mobile devices is created by computer programmers. With the increase of computer chips in more devices, computer programmers are playing an increasingly important role in creating and making everyday work more convenient.

After selecting the Level I, Computer Programming career certificate, students should also choose their complimenting Level II career certificate from the options listed below.

Level II Career Certificate

GAME DEVELOPER level 2 Game Developer (GAMCC)

The MCC Game Developer certificate offers students the technical knowledge needed to create their own games and simulations. After completing this certificate students will be able to work in a variety of careers that are outside of the gaming area as well as careers in the gaming field. The Game Development program is heavily hands-on, providing students with applied knowledge and skills using game engines and VR equipment.

WEB AND MOBILE APP PROGRAMMING level 2 Web and Mobile App Programming (WMPCC)

The MCC Web and Mobile App Programming certificate provides students with a foundation in web-focused programming. Students learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as a back-end language (Java or C#). Students are also introduced to contemporary topics in Web Programming including the React framework and TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. Students will also learn fundamental mobile development using React Native and Flutter.

IT Generalist level 2 IT Generalist (ITGEN)

The MCC IT Generalist certificate allows students the ability to explore various I.T. topics by choosing any course under the INFO prefix. This certificate is both a standalone certificate and is also a Level II certificate option within the Associate in Applied Sciences – Information Technology (AASIT) degree. Students select 31.5 credit hours from INFO prefix courses.

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