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Database and Data Science

Database and Data Science - Overview

Choose your Level I Career Certificate

Level I Career Certificate(s)

The Database and Data Science Pathway consists of one, Level I career certificate. This pathway also includes two, Level II career certificate choices.

1 Database Administration (DBACC)

The Metropolitan Community College Database Management and Data Analysis program provides students
with a strong technical foundation in the design, implementation and administration of relational databases
and data warehousing in traditional and cloud-based environments. They also provide the foundation for
data cleaning, transformation and basic analytics tasks.

After selecting the Level I, Database/Data Science career certificate, students should also choose
their complimenting Level II career certificate from the options listed below.

Choose one Level II Career Certificate

Level II Career Certificate(s)

2 Data Science (DASCC)

The Metropolitan Community College Data Science Career Certificate is an entry-level certificate designed for students
who want to develop a working knowledge of gathering, managing and interpreting data, as well as building storytelling
skills by using data. Pursuing this career certificate requires no prior experience and can be completed in an academic year.
As large collections of complex data become more commonly leveraged as a driving force in business decision-making,
careers in data science, reporting and analytics are in demand. This affordable certificate prepares students for entry-level
positions in data analytics, data science and business intelligence.

2 Computer Programming (ITPCC)

The Metropolitan Community College Computer Programming pathway develops computer technology skills used in critical
information technology roles in a variety of industries. Computer programmers use programming languages, such as Java and
C++, to create software that runs on a computer or mobile device. Everything that people interact with on their computers or
mobile devices was created by computer programmers. With the increase of computer chips in more devices, computer
programmers are playing an increasingly important role in creating and making everyday work more convenient.