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Expanded and Updated Facilities

Phase I:

Renovate the Industrial Training Center, for 51,000 square feet dedicated to state-of-the-art training in advanced manufacturing and a support services one-stop, including services for veterans and military students.

Expanded and updated facilities will house programs and classes for mechanical drafting technology, precision machine technology, welding, and industrial/commercial trades, which includes electrical/mechanical maintenance technology, and manufacturing, power and process operations technology. The new spaces will include classrooms and labs outfitted with advanced technologies, creating a center of excellence for training in advanced manufacturing.

The ITC provides an effective framework for building out the facilities needed for the new Center for Advanced Manufacturing. In addition to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, the renovated facilities will incorporate mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems that support instructional equipment; lighting and furnishings designed for specific learning activities; security and information technologies that support facility operations and are integrated with college-wide systems; and barrier-free, inclusive learning environments. 
Recognizing the tremendous opportunity to bring students onto pathways for high-demand careers in manufacturing, MCC will incorporate renovated space within the Center for Advanced Manufacturing to serve as a welcoming one-stop center for resources and student services, including veterans and military students. The proposed one-stop will include a comfortable convening and study spot and enhanced career services focused on manufacturing.

Phase II:

Construct a new 102,000 square-foot facility designed specifically for industry-responsive, Automotive Technology and Automotive Collision training

Phase II will construct a new 102,000 square-foot automotive training center, designed specifically for high quality training for automotive technology and automotive collision technicians. The new facility will co-locate two existing programs currently spread between two campuses. All vehicle work areas will be designed with safety in mind, enabling both the efficient and safe movement of vehicles.

In addition to specialized automotive instructional labs and classrooms, the new facility will provide other student-responsive spaces and services. A combined student lounge and “showroom” will be a key feature, welcoming students and allowing the ability to show off program projects, new vehicles, or components provided by industry partners.

In the new, two-story facility, vehicle bays will be more generous than currently available, providing space surrounding each vehicle for multiple students to be working simultaneously. Visual technology will be incorporated in these labs to better view small components when a large group of students is gathered. With room to expand to add other regional partners, the facility will initially feature a classroom and lab bays dedicated to the Toyota T-TEN (Technician Training and Education Network) partnership.

All labs will mimic the technology, resources and operations currently used in industry, with spaces adaptable to ongoing changes in automotive products and services. The new facilities will provide for the integration of electronics and computer science components, as cars become increasingly technology rich. Spaces will be equipped with industry standard equipment such as vehicle lifts and paint booths, with workbenches and power to accommodate tablets or computers, to mimic industry accommodations for diagnostics and service needs. Specialty labs for specific areas within each program, such as aluminum work, welding and electronics will be located nearby.


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