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Architectural rendering of Digital Express with open seating area and service desk called Reboot Central.

Construction Education Center

Construction job opportunities are growing, particularly in areas such as residential remodeling and commercial construction. Simply stated, construction jobs aren't going away. Plumbing can't be fixed online. Heating and air conditioning are here to stay. Construction job wages are strong.

Enter MCC's Construction Education Center. One of the best ways to build work skills is by working in an applied-learning setting. From the moment students walk through the door, they are not just going to college — they are going to a work site. They clock in, follow workplace rules and apply lean-management practices. They become part of the Construction Education Center workforce team.

"Going to work" at the Construction Education Center means practicing welds in a lab or high-tech simulator, building components to a modular home within a large collaborative workspace, reading construction documents on an iPad or working out the team project schedule in a huddle room. In addition to trade-specific labs, tool cribs and shared work spaces, there are rooms for seminars and broadcasts from real-world, real-time construction projects.

programmingCEC Exterior

The Construction Education Center's goal is to train 1,300 students annually in the following fields:

  • Architectural Drafting and Design

  • Civil Engineering

  • Construction Technology

  • Electrical Technology

  • Electrical Apprenticeship

  • Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

  • Industrial and Commercial Trades

  • Plumbing Apprenticeship

  • Sustainability

  • Welding


For additional information on creating industry partnerships or a presence in CEC, contact:

Nate Barry
Dean of Career and Technical Education - Dean Construction Education