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P.A.C.E. Police Athletics for Community Engagement

P.A.C.E. ACT Test Prep

Tuesdays-Thursdays, June 14-28, 9 a.m.-noon

South Omaha Campus | 27th and Q streets | ENROLL NOW for South Omaha Campus
MCC North Express | 2112 N. 30th St. | ENROLL NOW for North Express
This course is free and open to the public.

What is ACT Test Prep?

The ACT Prep class is designed to familiarize high school students with the test required for admission by many universities. Early exposure to the key components of the ACT exam will help students develop confidence and strong test taking skills. Well-prepared students are more likely to score higher on the ACT, which may increase their chances of receiving scholarships and enable them to have more options when selecting a college.

ACT Prep summer program:

The program will include nine hours of ACT preparation education and practice testing for high school students. The curriculum will focus on the importance of college entry examinations for qualification at a four-year higher learning institution. These classes will cover the advantages of participation in college-level athletics and its effect in breaking the mindset of poverty among students.

Classes will be instructed by qualified individuals teaching education direction and focus, life skills, gang intervention and prevention, personal fitness and athletics. It is the belief of the P.A.C.E. staff that both programs will develop self-discipline, self-esteem and positive moral values that participants can use to become better students, skilled workers and community leaders. After the ACT prep class, lunch will be provided followed by soccer training.

What is P.A.C.E.?

Police Athletics for Community Engagement (P.A.C.E. Omaha) is a Police Community Relations initiative based on a direct intervention and prevention design to help “at-risk” and disadvantaged inner-city youth avoid the negative influences of street gangs and crime by being involved in free, safe, organized athletics provided by police officers, first responders and certified citizens who volunteer as their coaches and role models. P.A.C.E. uses the universal language of sports to build much needed bridges between youth and citizens living in disadvantaged neighborhoods and the police officers who work those areas. Visit for more information.