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Bob Ross Class Supply List

General Information
The instructor will provide for use in class Beater Bucket for drying brushes. Please wear old clothes that you won't mind getting paint on. The use of all Bob Ross products is strongly recommended if you want this technique to work for you. A good habit to form is to bring all of your brushes, paints and supplies with you each time.

Bring the following supplies to class: 

  • 2” Blending Brush

  • 2" Background Brush

  • 1" Landscape Brush

  • 1" Oval Brush

  • 1” Round Foliage Brush or Half-round Foliage Brush

  • #3 Fan Brush or #6 Fan Brush

  • #6 Filbert Brush

  • #2 Script Lining Brush

  • #5 Palette Knife or #10 Palette Knife

  • Liquid White

  • Liquid Clear

  • Liquid Black

  • Black Gesso

  • Gray Gesso

  • White Gesso

  • Titanium White

  • Phthalo Green

  • Phthalo Blue

  • Prussian Blue

  • Midnight Black

  • Dark Sienna

  • Van Dyke Brown

  • Alizarin Crimson

  • Sap Green

  • Cadmium Yellow

  • Yellow Ochre

  • Indian Yellow

  • Bright Red

  • ​16 x 20 double-primed stretched canvas

  • Contact paper (if painting is an oval), can be purchased from the instructor for $1.50

  • Easel

  • Palette

  • Odorless thinner (please be sure it is totally odorless)

  • Screen for thinner and 2# coffee can or similar container

  • Paper towels (absorbent like Bounty)

  • Notebook for notes, if desired

  • This is a complete supply list. You can bring these items to class or rent them from the instructor for $33.