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Friends and Alumni Network

Our Friends and Alumni Network connects you to a network of approximately 30,000 alumni who, over the College’s 40+-year history, have established themselves in their field of expertise and are using the skills they obtained at MCC to better serve our communities. Our FANs serve a vital role as College Ambassadors. The education our students received at MCC is demonstrated in the community as evidence of our educational caliber. Please encourage friends, family and co-workers to explore the varied offerings and benefits associated with obtaining a degree or certificate from MCC. 

It is our goal to keep you engaged in a lifelong relationship with MCC that will help the College continue to serve you. The MCC FANs organizes and connects alumni through academic, career and community activities. Some of the ways you can stay connected to MCC are through:

The MCC Friends & Alumni Network—We’re glad you’re a part of it

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Contact the Friends and Alumni Network Staff

Maggie Schill
Alumni and Corporate Relations Associate

Privacy statement: All information collected will be kept confidential and used for college purposes only. The information will not be sold or distributed to any outside organizations.