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Searching the Library Catalog

How to Search | Limit by Format | Limit by Location | Limit by Title, Author, or Subject | Other Options

The library catalog (WebPAC) lists the books, eBooks, DVDs and print magazines, newspapers and journals available in MCC's three campus libraries (Elkhorn Valley, Fort Omaha and South Omaha Campuses) as well as Omaha Public Library.

For instructions on how to request a book or a DVD from a campus library or Omaha Public Library, see Request Materials.


How to Search

Enter your search terms in the search box and click Submit.
search box

The next screen displays a list of records. Each record includes an icon indicating the format.

book icon = Print book

ebook icon = eBook

dvd icon = DVD

magazine, newspaper, or journal icon = Magazine, newspaper, or journal


brief record

Click on a title to open a full record. In addition to the title and the author's name the full record includes:

  • Imprint: The place of publication, the publisher's name and the year of publication.
  • Physical description: The total number of pages (if describing a book) or the running time (if describing a DVD/streaming video).
  • Library of Congress Subject headings (LCSH): Search terms based on the subject of the item. Use the LCSH to help you find similar items.

full record

The full record also includes information about the book's location:

  • Location: The name of the library the item is located at and the collection it is shelved in.
  • Call number: The number you need to find the book/DVD on the shelf.
  • Status: Whether or not the book/DVD is available in the library (CHECKED IN) or checked out (in which case the computer will display the due date).


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Limit by Format

By default the catalog searches for all material types. To limit your search to online resources (eBooks and streaming videos), select MCC - e-resources from the drop-down location menu:

item format dropdown menu is located after the search edit field but before the search button

You can also add the terms streaming video, DVD or ebook"to your search. Examples: religion and DVD, or powerpoint and ebook.


Limit by Location

By default the catalog searches all MCC locations. Use the drop-down location menu to limit your search to a specific campus or to include Omaha Public Library in your search.

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Limit by Title, Author, or Subject

By default the catalog performs a keyword search, meaning it retrieves all records containing your search term(s) anywhere within the record (title, contents note, LCSH, etc.). Sometimes this results in a large number of records that aren't related to what you're really looking for.

To improve your results you can also perform other types of searches: Title, Author or Subject.

search area containing keyword dropdown menu, a search edit field, and a dropdown menu for narrowing location, followed by the search button

Title search

A title search retrieves an alphabetical list of titles that begin with your search term(s).

title search

Author search

Perform an author search if you are looking for items written or produced by a particular person or organization.

An author search retrieves an alphabetical list of author's names that begin with your search term(s). You must type the author's last name followed by the first name. Example: "Cather Willa" NOT "Willa Cather."

author search

Subject search

A subject search retrieves an alphabetical list of Library of Congress Subject headings (LCSH) that begin with your search term(s).

It is important that you use the correct LCSH. For example, if you are searching for information about the death penalty, the correct LCSH is "capital punishment." Please ask library staff for help identifying the correct LCSH for your topic.

subject search

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Other Options

Use the More searches menu in the upper right to access other options including the Advanced search screen.

more searches

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