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MCC Photo ID Card

Student photo identification cards are free for all currently enrolled students

Students are highly encouraged to get a student I.D. for student services such as Pass to Class bus program, textbook purchases, Request for library materials, free parking permit, and student discounts across the country.

On Campus: Visit the Learning and Tutoring Center at Fort, South, Sarpy, Elkhorn and Fremont to obtain a student ID. Bring a copy of your MCC class schedule and a current, unexpired government ID such as a driver’s license, state-issued ID, military ID, passport, or high school ID (accepted 6 months after printed/graduation date).

Online: Use this link MCC Identification Card Request Form to request an MCC ID card online. Please provide verification of your identity, and upload a current photo for inclusion on your ID. Your legal name and address information must be current for your ID card to be issued and mailed.

  • There are several guidelines that you need to follow to ensure that your picture works with our system and also serves as an appropriate form of identification.

    • Technical specifications:

      • The file that you submit must be a ".jpg" file.

    • The photo must also be:

      • In color

      • A recent picture taken within the last six (6) months

      • Taken in front of a plain background

      • One in which your body is oriented vertically, not horizontally

      • One in which you are alone in the picture with no one else visible

      • One in which you are looking forward with your eyes open and have a neutral facial expression (not smiling, frowning, laughing, crying, etc.)

      • One in which we can clearly see your head and shoulders

      • One in which you are not wearing hats or head covering (unless thoseitems are worn daily for religious purposes, and in such cases those items must not obscure any facial features)

      • Free from glare on eyeglasses (dark glasses are not permitted unless youhave a medical reason for them)

      • Taken with sufficient lighting that has no shadow

Please call 531-233-0982 or email for any questions