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Downloading EBSCO eBooks

EBSCOhost eBooks can be checked out and downloaded to computers, smartphones, and other devices for offline viewing. For a list of compatible devices see Which portable devices are compatible with EBSCO eBooks?

Checkout period: Checkout periods may vary from title to title. In general eBooks can be checked out for 1-30 days. Once the checkout period expires you will not be able to open the eBook on your computer/device.

Preliminary steps

Before you can download an eBook you must complete the following:

  • Create a MyEBSCOhost or Google account.
  • Create an Adobe ID (Chromebook or desktop computers) or download the EBSCO app (mobile devices).

Computer or Chromebook



Because Amazon uses its own proprietary eBook format, EBSCO eBooks cannot be downloaded to Kindles. EBSCO eBooks are available in EPUB or PDF formats, which are compatible with Kindles. You can save pages to your device and send them to your Kindle either via email or with Amazon's Send to Kindle app. NOTE: Due to copyright restrictions, you can only save a limited number of pages and not the entire eBook.


Once you have an eBook open on your device, you can save, email, print or send pages to Google Drive. The number of pages allowed will vary from title to title. See Exporting EBSCO eBooks Pages to Google Drive for instructions.