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Drivers License

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Driving in Nebraska

Students are required to obtain a Nebraska Driver’s License if they plan to drive in the United States. A Nebraska Driver's License is required to purchase a car and to obtain auto insurance.



The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website outlines the process of obtaining a Nebraska Driver’s License. The steps include a written and driving skills test administered by the DMV. The Nebraska Driver’s Handbook is the best resource to help you prepare for these tests. Samples of written tests are also available online.


Students on OPT

Students on OPT who wish to renew their driver’s license are required to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN). Please look at the bottom of ISS’ Social Security Number webpage for steps.  Without a SSN, the DMV will not approve of the driver’s license extension. You must also wait until the *start date* on your EAD card to submit your driver’s license application for it to be accepted.


Obtaining a Nebraska Identification Card

A Nebraska driver’s license is the primary form of identification. International students who do not drive may apply for a Nebraska Identification (ID) card. The DMV website offers detailed guidelines on obtaining an ID card.