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Enroll at MCC - Next Steps

Once you have decided MCC is right for you, getting started is easy. Following these steps will assure you have a great start at MCC. Once you have provided your contact information, an Enrollment Program Specialist will reach out. Feel free to make contact with questions or to get started anytime by email at

Complete an Application

MCC is an open enrollment college, and the application is free. Step 1 is to complete your application. You can start your application anytime, but you will need some personal identification to get started. One of the questions on the application will ask you to identify your “Student Type.” Which student type below best fits your status as of today?

  • International Student: A current or prospective F-1 international student who would like to study and complete a degree at MCC in the United States.
  • High School Student: A student currently in high school or home schooled, and has not graduated from high school, who wants to take an MCC class in his/her high school, online, or at an MCC campus while still in high school.
  • GED Student: A student who is not a high school graduate and interested in improving academic skills and working toward a General Education Diploma (GED).
  • Freshman/New Student: A student planning to take classes after graduating high school or earning a GED, or is a new college student, has never attended college, but may have taken college credits in high school.
  • Returning Student: A student who previously attended MCC, has not been registered for classes in the last two years, not currently in high school, and not an international student.
  • Transfer Student: A student who has attended another college and plans to seek a degree from MCC.
  • Visiting Student: A student who plans to register for one or a fewer courses, does not plan to seek a degree/certificate at MCC, and may be currently enrolled at another college/university.

The online application is easy and quick, and begins by creating an account, which moves you to the application. An MCC Enrollment Management staff member will contact you after your application is submitted to discuss next steps. Once we approve your application, you can call the Contact Center at 531-622-2400 to obtain your student ID number.

Apply for Financial Aid

MCC is committed to connecting students to the financial resources they need to pursue their educational goals. MCC’s financial aid programs are intended to help students who would otherwise be unable to attend MCC without such assistance. MCC offers gift aid (scholarships/grants), work-study, and federal student loans. All students are highly encourage to complete the FAFSA (Free Aid for Federal Student Aid). Instructions on completing a FAFSA are on the Financial Aid web page. Find out more on how you can receive financial aid.

Apply for Scholarships

MCC offers students millions of dollars of scholarships each year, making the completion of a degree even more affordable. MCC offers over 100 scholarships based on a variety of criteria, like academic achievement, career interests, type of student, and home location to name a few. Learn more about all the scholarships MCC has to offer, and one application is all that is needed to be considered. We recommend all students apply for scholarships, regardless of financial need or previous academic success.

Submit Test Scores or Schedule Assessment Tests

MCC does not require assessment testing or minimum scores for admission. However, some academic departments (English, Math, Reading, and ESL) require a minimum high school GPA, a qualifying test score, or a combination for course placement. MCC Success Navigators review recent ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer assessment results, along with high school transcripts. The Accuplacer assessment can be scheduled at any campus, and the MCC Testing Service offers a remote option as well (At this time, all MCC Testing sites are closed with only remote testing available). For more information or to schedule an assessment contact Testing Services. If you are planning to take the ACT or need to send scores, the MCC Code is 2447.

Meet with a Success Navigator

It is important to match your career goals with MCC academic programs and degrees. As a new student, you will want to meet with a Success Navigator to customize a degree plan suitable to your individual needs and timetable. You will want to schedule an appointment by calling 531-622-2400. We encourage you to contact your Success Navigator at any time. If you are not sure of your career choice, take a career assessment, browse different careers, and look at MCC programs on our Career Coach webpage.

Register for Classes

Your Success Navigator will help you schedule your first quarter’s classes. You can help that process by taking a quick look at the class schedule for that quarter. In your meeting, you should be ready to share your educational and career goals, your timetable, and your interests. You should also bring an unofficial high school transcript with you, if available. Afterward, feel free to reach out to your Enrollment Program Specialist or Success Navigator with any questions.

Send Your Official Transcripts

Once you graduate high school, request that your high school transcripts be sent to the Records Office. Official transcripts (with graduation date) may be sent to the MCC Records Office through an electronic transcript vendor (Parchment, Scrip-Safe, National Student Clearinghouse, Naviance, etc.), or mail to the following address: Metropolitan Community College, Records Office, PO Box 3777, Omaha NE 68103.

Attend an Orientation Session

MCC offers on-campus or online orientations for new, returning, and visiting students. (Currently, only online Orientation sessions are available). Topics include finding the right textbook, where to find additional help, Student IDs, parking and many other practical issues. Please call the Contact Center at 531-622-2400 for availability and to sign up for an orientation session. If you cannot schedule on campus, register for the online student orientation.

Explore Student Resources

As an MCC student, we want you to succeed. Each campus has support and tutoring in writing, math, and other subjects, as well as library services, veteran’s services, and a bookstore. Now is a great time to explore all the support, resources and tools available to you. We look forward to seeing you on campus and at your graduation ceremony. After you register, your Success Navigator will reach out to provide reminders and "things to do" before your first day of classes. Feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions. We are here to help.

Attend Your First Class

Have a great first day on your pathway to a great career.

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