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Frequently Asked Questions by Applicants Outside the U.S.

Requirements for Applying

  1. I got a low grade in high school. Do I still qualify to be accepted to MCC?
    Yes, you do. ISS review the scores applicants earn on the Accuplacer placement test or the TOEFL. The high school diploma/certificate is only proof of being eligible for college level classes.
  2. May another person do my application for me?
    No. We accept applications from the applicants only, and we do not work with third parties.
  3. How can I give permission for someone else to talk about my application with ISS?
    Send an email to informing us of the name of the person and contact information.
  4. What documents are required for the application process?
    Please see the “Application Directions & Supplemental Items” document at
  5. Is there an application fee?
    No, there is no application fee at this time.
  6. Can I make changes to my application once I submitted it?
    No, you may contact ISS at for assistance.
  7. What is the minimum age to enroll at MCC?
    You need to be at least 16 years old and have proof of having a guardian in the U.S.
  8. What if my documents are not in English?
    Have the documents translated and notarized. Provide the documents in English and the original language.
  9. I submitted my application. What is the next step after submitting my application?
    Submit the required documents under the supplemental items tab in the account you created.

Accuplacer Placement Test and TOEFL

  1. How can I best prepare myself for the Accuplacer test?
    Review the following study app at
  2. If I wait for the available date to take the TOEFL and miss the deadline, can I take the TOEFL in the U.S once I get accepted?
    No, ISS needs the TOEFL scores to determine if English language proficiency for admission. The Accuplacer placement test/TOEFL is part of the requirement for the application. MCC does not offer the TOEFL.
  3. What happens if I get a low score on my Accuplacer placement test or TOEFL?
    You may continue practicing English and retake the test in the future. ISS can defer your application to future quarter.

Financial Documents

  1. My family or I do not have enough funds as stated on the Financial Affidavit. May I get accepted then find a job to pay my tuition?
    No, ISS needs proof showing that applicants or their financial sponsors can support themselves. After you have been accepted, register full time, and have an active SEVIS record, you may apply for a job on campus.
  2. Can I submit multiple bank statements?
    Yes, as long as the bank statements total the amount stated on the Financial Affidavit.
  3. Can I have more than one sponsor?
    Yes, each sponsor must provide an official bank statement or letter that is stamped or signed by a bank representative. Each sponsor must sign the Financial Affidavit.

Health Insurance

  1. Do I need the MCC health insurance? What if I have my own health insurance?
    Yes, you are required the health insurance provided by MCC. If you have your own insurance, you may keep it, but it does not waive the requirement to have insurance through MCC’s provider.

Program of Study

  1. Which programs does MCC offer?
    MCC offers certificate of achievement*, associate degrees, and credit English as a Second Language classes.
    *F-1 students may not declare career certificates.

General Questions

  1. I want my family to come to the U.S. with me. Who may I bring with me to the U.S?
    You may only apply for your spouse or children to be F-2 dependents.
  2. What happens if I miss the deadline?
    You can request your application to be deferred to the next available quarter.
  3. What can I do if I don’t remember my password?
    Go to the log in and click on “forget password” and follow the prompts.
  4. Can someone else pick up my I-20 for me?
    No, students within the US have to pick up their I-20 while those outside the country have to request it to be shipped to them. (If ISS is operating remotely, then they will be emailed to the applicants.)
  5. What if I didn’t receive my I-20?
    If you didn’t receive your I-20 after 30 days, then you will need to contact ISS at
  6. What if the embassy denies my visa request?
    Email a photo of the denial letter to ISS at If you would like to try again, you may need to submit updated financial documents to ISS in or for ISS to defer your application to a future quarter.