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Login Examples

Below you will find examples of the most common systems students and staff may log into at the College.

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Network Login

Figure 1. Network Login

Figure 1 is seen whenever you log into a computer at the College. Enter your MCC username and password.

Password Station login image


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MyWay Login

Figure 2 is seen for logging into My Way. Enter your User Principal Name, (UPN), and password.

My Way login image

Figure 2. My Way

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Canvas Login

Figure 3 is seen whenever you want to login to Canvas. This screen is accessed from inside My Way using the button labeled "Canvas"

Canvas Login button graphic

Figure 3. Access to Canvas

Figure 4 is found on the MCC home page. Click the Canvas box to go directly to the login screen. Enter your MCC email address and password.

MCC homepage Canvas login button





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