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Nebraska First Responder Tuition Waiver

Under the Nebraska First Responder Recruitment & Retention Act, sworn law enforcement officers, firefighters, firefighter paramedics and their dependent(s) may be eligible for a waiver of 100% of their resident tuition charges for pursuing an associate or undergraduate degree that relates to their career in law enforcement or professional firefighter if the officer/firefighter:   

  1. Maintains satisfactory performance with his or her law enforcement agency or fire department (a new Certificate of Verification of satisfactory performance is required each academic year);
  2. Meets any and all admission requirements of the state university, state college, or community college; and
  3. Pursues studies leading to a degree that relates to a career in law enforcement or a professional firefighter from an associate or undergraduate degree program. 

Eligible dependent students applying for this tuition waiver must 1)be pursuing an associate or undergraduate degree,  2) meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy standards and 3) meet the definition of a "legal dependent" listed below.

A legal dependent, for the purposes of this program, is any person that meets the definition of a "dependent student" as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, and who has at least one parent or legal guardian that qualifies as a law enforcement officer or professional firefighter in the State of Nebraska (must be a parent on the FAFSA).

The law enforcement officer, firefigher, firefighter-paramedic and their dependent(s) may receive the tuition waiver for up to 5 years if he or she otherwise continues to be eligible for participation.

MCC shall waive one hundred percent of the tuition remaining balance due after subtracting awarded federal financial aid grants and state scholarships and grants for an eligible law enforcement officer during the time student is enrolled.  To remain eligible, the law enforcement officer, figherfigher, or firefighter-paramedic and their dependent(s) must comply with all requirements of the institution for continued attendance and award of an associate degree.

An application for the tuition waiver shall include a verification of the law enforcement officer's or firefighter's satisfactory performance as a law enforcement officer/firefighter.  It shall be the responsibility of the law enforcement officer/firefighter to obtain a certificate of verification from his or her superior officer in such officer's law enforcement agency or fire department attesting to such officer/firefighter's satisfactory performance.  The law enforcement officer/firefighter shall submit the Certificate of Verification to MCC's Financial Aid Department upon enrollment.

To apply for this tuition waiver as a Nebraska law enforcement officer, please complete the Law Enforcement Tuition Waiver Application and Certificate of Verification form or the Dependent Law Enforcement Tuition Waiver Application and Certificate of Verification form.

To apply for this tuition waiver as a Nebraska firefighter or firefighter-paramedic, please complete the Firefighter Tuition Waiver Application and Certificate of Verification form or the Dependent Firefighter Tuition Waiver Application and Certificate of Verification form.

Please return your completed application to the MCC Financial Aid Office either by fax to 402-933-8437, USPS mail at PO Box 3777, Omaha, NE 68103-0777,  or turning it into the Financial Aid Office in person. 

Visit the Nebraska Department of Revenue website for additional information regarding the First Responder Recruitment and Retention Act.