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Military service members in uniform with their hands out ready to receive their degrees and certificates from MCC

Military & Veteran Services - Education Benefits

Our Mission

Provide active-duty, reserve, and guard service members, veterans, spouses, and qualified dependent students the guidance, assistance, and support required to succeed in their educational and career goals.

In order to achieve this we will provide relevant, qualified, and timely information regarding educational benefits and support services tailored to meet unique needs while enabling and empowering students to Path Forward to new ventures in their lives.

Why MCC?

  • Affordability - Get the most from your education benefits.  With MCC's low tuition rates, you can be sure you are utilizing your benefits to get the best education for the money.

  • Flexibility - Take classes when you want, where you want. With seven locations as well as day, night, weekend and online classes, MCC adapts to your needs.

  • Transferability - MCC is a fully accredited community college. Accredited classes transfer to and from MCC with ease.

  • Get credit for your military service - MCC accepts American Council on Education credit recommendations for military experience.

  • Take classes that matter - With programs ranging from diesel technology and nursing to criminal justice and IT— MCC has classes to fit your career choice.

  • VA Principles of Excellence - MCC proudly complies with VA Principles of Excellence including but not limited to:
    • Providing a personal summary of the total cost of your educational program in writing, including:
      • The costs covered by benefits
      • The financial aid students qualify for when a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is submitted
      • Expected student-loan debt after graduation with completed FAFSA and loan request
      •  MCC students who have submitted a completed FAFSA to the College may access their College Financing Plan (CFP) Federal Shopping Sheet document, including federal aid when packaged, by logging into their Self Service, Financial Aid, Financial Aid, Federal Shopping Sheet.  Students' Self Service can be accessed through the MCC home page, by selecting the pink Canvas/Student Links box.  MCC students who have not submitted a FAFSA to the College may access their CFP, estimated at a single independent student status, here.  CFP 2023-2024, no FAFSA
      • Other information to help compare aid packages offered by different schools is found on 
    • Providing an educational plan with a timeline showing how and when you can fulfill everything required for you to graduate
    • Assigning you a point of contact who will give you ongoing academic and financial advice (including access to disability counseling)
    • Allowing for you to be gone for both long and short periods of time due to service obligations (service you must fulfill) for active-duty service members and reservists
    • Making sure all new programs are accredited (officially approved) before enrolling students
    • Making sure school refund policies follow Title IV rules, which guide federal student financial aid programs
    • Ending fraudulent (deceitful) and aggressive methods of recruiting
    • Providing personalized shopping sheets within 15 days after tuition and fees are determined for the academic year if there is a change.  MCC also maintains policies that prohibit automatic renewal of a covered individual in a course and/or programs.