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Student Record Appeal Process (SRA)

The Student Record Appeal may be used by a student who has had an unforeseen circumstance or life-altering event which affected their ability to complete courses.

The Appeal is not to be used to dispute grades, to voice instructor concerns, or for questions regarding refund policy or waived tuition and fees. Those issues are addressed at the end of this document.

The Student Record Appeal must include:

  • A written statement from the student explaining the reason for the appeal. This statement must include the student's full name, MCC ID number and contact information.

  • Statement must contain the resolution the student is requesting.

  • Complete documentation to support the appeal request. Proof of documentation may include:

    • Medical documentation from a medical professional stating how your medical condition prevented you from successfully completing your courses. This letter must be on the medical facility's letterhead and include the title and phone number of the writer of the letter.

    • Obituary or funeral program.

    • Copy of airline ticket, if travel was required due to emergencies.

    • Official letters or other supporting documents on office letterhead, including the title and phone number of the professional writer of the letter. The letter needs to clearly state the reason why you were not able to successfully complete your courses.

Please include all information with this appeal. If supporting documents are not submitted, a decision will be rendered with the existing information provided.

The appeal may be submitted through email to or the United States Postal Service to:

Metropolitan Community College
Attn: Registrars/Student Record Appeal
PO Box 3777
Omaha, NE 68103-0777

Appeal Guidelines:

  • Personal hardships or failure to read College published documents generally do not present justifiable reasons to support an appeal.

  • Appeals are approved on a case-by-case basis.

  • An appeal for an issue that is more than 1 year old may not be appealable.

  • It is the student's responsibility to demonstrate an unanticipated or unavoidable event, which was beyond the student's control, resulting in the student's inability to complete the quarter or withdraw from courses.

  • Appeals for late withdrawal or a "W" for a course, will ONLY be considered when the course withdrawal period has passed for the appealed course(s).

  • Appeal decisions will be made solely on supporting documentation provided.

  • Final decision of the appeal will be sent to the student through the USPS. It is the student's responsibility to keep all contact information current in the College system.

  • Appeals are processed in the order they are received and decisions are made within 4-6 weeks from the time of receipt.

If you have any questions concerning your Student Record Appeal, email them to However, please be aware that the decision of the SRA Committee is final and submissions for a re-appeal will not be considered.

Active Duty Military & Veteran students must submit an appeal to the MVS office at or contact 531-MCC-2330.

Resources below for any situations that do not meet the outlined SRA qualifications.

Grade dispute process is found in the Catalog - Grading System - Appeals to Change Course Grades .

Instructor concerns or college errors are reviewed by the appropriate academic dean, which is listed in the course syllabus or on the Academic Affairs area chart.

College refund policy questions are handled by Student Accounts at 531-622-2405.