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Faces of MCC

Metropolitan Community College delivers relevant, student-centered education to a diverse community of learners.

Success stories

Hundreds of students graduate annually with associate degrees and certificates from MCC. Each student has a success story to tell. Read some of these stories on the success stories page.

Faculty and staff

MCC employs approximately 900 instructors—200 of them are full time and 700 are part time. MCC also has more than 600 full-time staff and 300 part-time temporary staff.

Metro part-time instructor

MCC’s faculty members meet or exceed the educational requirements for an institution whose highest degree programs are at the associate level. Eighty-eight percent of MCC’s full-time faculty hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 85 percent in 1992; 65 percent have a master’s degree or higher, compared to 60 percent in 1992, and seven percent have their doctorate.

Of MCC´s adjunct faculty, 62 percent have earned a master’s degree or above. Twenty-one percent have earned a doctorate, and of the remaining adjunct faculty, 26.5 percent have a bachelor’s degree, six percent have an associate degree and 5.8 percent have other applicable credentials, which include certifications, professional licenses and applicable occupational experiences other than formal education.

International and intercultural education

At MCC, international/intercultural education is valued as a resource to globalize curriculum, equip faculty/staff/students for employment within a diverse workforce and facilitate international/intercultural experiences to enhance professional and personal objectives. (international/intercultural education)

Metro student

Student services

MCC has high-quality student services devoted to helping students succeed. Counselors assist students in making decisions regarding occupational, educational and personal plans. Students can seek help concerning academic performance and career choices. The counseling staff has a wide range of vocational interest inventories and an extensive collection of career information in addition to the latest in computer-assisted career guidance resources. Go to the Student Services page to get an overview of resources that are available to you.