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Human Relations

What is 'Human Relations? (HMRL)'

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This is an introductory course in interpersonal skills stressing the importance of utilizing those skills in the workplace. The student is presented with opportunities to become more effective, discerning, ethical, flexible, perceptive and understanding in both professional and personal endeavors. Special attention is given to appropriate communications skills, multinational and diversity awareness, teamwork and job-seeking skills as applied to an increasingly customer-oriented workplace.

Is it for you?

HMRL 1010 is a required course for any student pursuing a degree from Metropolitan Community College.  The courses in Human Relations Skills cover a wide variety of subjects including, but not limited to, resume, cover letter, and application writing; communication styles (verbal and nonverbal); team work; interviewing skills; goal setting; stress management; anger and conflict management; ethics; diversity; attitude and motivation; and life planning.  Students may also participate in a number of activities that raise self-awareness. 

Jobs and Salary Expectations

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Program Faculty

  • Mary Burbach 
  • Jill Ramet, MA, LMHP
  • Jessica Kunz

Course Descriptions

  • HMRL 1010


"My name is Amanda Sundberg. When I walked into your class about a year ago I had a small idea of what I wanted, and who was I and while I was confident and a very different person then I was the nine months before I still was trying to find myself and when I wrote the "Who am I" paper I put all of my heart and soul into what I wrote, and in result I got my first A that I have ever received on a paper and that reinstalled my love for writing.

My main purpose for writing to you is to tell you thank you for giving me the chance to learn more about myself than I would have ever learned on my own and to let you know I am continuing my education.  I plan on becoming a teacher in math and sciences; I also would like to teach Japanese at one point in my life so I slowly learning that language.  I am currently attending Peru State College and I enjoy it very much. I have made a more friends than I ever thought I could and I plan on starting a club."

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