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General Education

general education mission statement

The Mission of MCC's General Education Program is to deliver a body of foundational knowledge that is significant for student success and life-long achievement while remaining relevant across our many Programs of Study. 

General Education Philosophy and Rationale: 

As a community college we want to provide our students with an education that allows them to succeed in their chosen fields and that enables them to become well-informed citizens. We desire to create more flexibility for our programs and to aid student persistence and completion through a set of competencies that students will be able to perform or demonstrate upon completion of their education at MCC rather than through a rigid demand for a core set of standard general education courses. 

Our General Education Program at MCC consists of varying credit hour requirements dependent on the type of degree sought. According to the student’s selected program of study, students are required to complete a prescribed number of credit hours from five general education areas and to ultimately achieve a broad knowledge and skill base across seven areas of competence.

We believe that the general education component of our degree requirements is both academically sound and flexible. Departments and programs have the freedom and responsibility to select specific general education courses or course content that best support their programs. In many cases, students may be afforded greater flexibility in course selection from a wide range of subjects. Although a prescribed general education credit hour requirement must be met for degree completion, competencies may be addressed, measured, and reinforced across the curriculum.