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Register for Instructional Design Services (IDS) Training Sessions

MCC faculty members are encouraged to register for IDS sessions through UNITY. You can find Instructions in UNITY.

To enroll by phone, call x2-8518 from campus or 531-622-5231 or 1-800-228-9553 from off campus. Please cancel if you are not able to attend sessions you have registered for.

What is the Sandbox?

Located in FOC 17, Rm 107, the Sandbox is an exploration space and computer lab for faculty. It's  your place to play with technology.  Remember as a child you would build sand castles and skyscrapers that would reach the heavens? The IDS Sandbox is your grown-up version where you can explore technology to create those dreams and make them reality!

For example, you could try recording audio, video, screencasts, and making interactive presentations. Let IDS help you make your course the way you've dreamed it could be.