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Some pages will look different than others as we modernize to bring you an even better website.


ANGEL Basics

Learn how to enhance any course with ANGEL's online features such as assignment dropboxes, discussion forums, testing, gradebook and more.

Campus Share

The College is starting its second year with the new Campus Share conferencing system. Come and learn about the “Next Level” of features this technology can provide you. Record your lectures, guest speakers and student presentations in your own course video channel, synchronously and asynchronously stream video to create content for your flipped class!

Ensemble Video

Ensemble Video is a new streaming media service that integrates with ANGEL. In this workshop we will help you:

Get Your Faculty Website Ready

Come and work with IDS staff to update your faculty website and get ready for the next term to begin. Bring the files that you want to upload and link to your website either on a flash drive or upload them to your U:drive. This could include: syllabi, class handouts, homework assignments and PowerPoint presentations. If this is your first time you will learn to use the admin panel and create new course pages using Microsoft Expression Web.

(Please be sure to register so we can create your website before class.) If it's not your first time, we will work alongside you to update your course links with new files and get your ready for the winter term.

Free and Cool!

Web-Based Educational Tools

In this fast-paced session, we will show you “abuncha cool and free!” websites to use for creating media, manipulating images, virtual team collaboration and digital distribution of content for your classes! Bring your smartphone or connected devices. Come caffeinated!

Making Original, Just-In-Time Videos

How often do you answer the same question in class each quarter? How helpful would it be to record student presentations for their own review and reflection?

Want to capture a classroom demonstration for students to review? In this hands on workshop you will learn to: shoot video using an ultra-compact digital video camera, upload it to the media server and link it to your faculty website, program resource page or online course.

Making Photostories

Learn to use Microsoft Photostory 3 to create slideshows using your digital photos. With a single click, you can touch-up, crop, or rotate pictures.

Add special effects, soundtracks, and your own voice narration to your photo stories. Then, personalize them with titles and captions. You can then upload them to the media server and link in your course materials.

QUIA with Images

In this fast paced, hands on workshop you will create a Quia matching activity for your course using images. You must bring at least 8 images to this workshop on your flash drive or have them accessible on your U:drive.

You will learn to resize your images using Microsoft Picture Manager, upload them to Quia and create a matching activity. (You should already be familiar with

Social Media

Get an overview of popular platforms and their potential uses. We’ll talk about social web/blogging services such as Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress and Tumblr, learning along the way about how they can be used to enhance your teaching, connect with other instructors and students, and expand your understanding of emerging trends in your content areas. Workshop attendees will leave the session with a Twitter account set up and a personalized list of resources, guides and links to further reading on the subject.

Technology Classroom Orientation

MCC has over 200 technology equipped classrooms College-wide. Attend this session to learn how to effectively and efficiently use the equipment. Find out what the Top 10 list of Helpdesk Techrooms calls are during the first week of the quarter.

We will teach basic troubleshooting strategies and share examples of work created by faculty who are "Going Digital, Going Mobile". There will be time for discussion and an opportunity to "play" with the equipment.

  • Create dropboxes for video submissions, giving students a simple interface to upload nearly any type or size of video -- no need to worry about converting or resizing.
  • Embed an Ensemble player (similar to a Youtube playlist player) in any ANGEL page where student submissions can be played for peer review, or in a page visible to instructors only. Videos embedded in ANGEL are secure and can only be viewed in ANGEL (no public access).
  • Use Ensemble's cool "annotating" feature to add text comments that are time-stamped and linked along with any video.
  • Manage videos in your own library on Ensemble's website.