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Noncredit Equestrian Certificate

Are you thinking about a career in the equestrian world?

Take The Horse Course 101 and 102, Horse Handling and Grooming, Stable Management or Equestrian Competition Management, and the Equestrian Internship and receive a noncredit Equestrian Certificate from Metropolitan Community College. 


Note: Payment is due at the time of registration. Any class marked with an asterisk (*) is no discount.

*The Horse Course 101 (Fall and Spring)

Are you a horse enthusiast? If you are new to horse ownership or interested in pathways to careers with these amazing creatures, this is the course to get started. This introduction course to horses will touch on many of the important topics in order to keep a horse happy and healthy. Students will learn about anatomy, nutrition, health and care of the horse. Guest speakers will present on various careers in the equine industry and discuss their background, training and experience. This course includes one field trip to a local farm for hands-on experience. Students of all knowledge bases are welcome. The instructor is Shana Winkel. 

*The Horse Course 102 (Fall and Spring)

The Horse Course 102 will build upon the topics learned in Horse Course 101 and dive into greater detail regarding special topics in horse health and care. A continuation of the discussion about a variety of careers will occur, as guest speakers will be invited to present and answer questions on topics within their area. The instructor is Shana Winkel. 

*Horse Handling and Grooming (Winter)

Dive deeper into the topic of equine grooming. Explore topics from routine equine care to the full-time professional grooming job that is required at active competition/training stables and at competitions. The course will consist of classroom-type discussions, live demonstrations and hands on experience. We will touch on typical grooming equipment and techniques, discuss the potential career paths that are associated with professional grooming and explore other practices and responsibilities of a competent groom. 

*Stable Management (Winter)

Stable management will dive into the scheduling and business side of things in the equine world. As an optional course for the equine understanding certificate, numerous topics will be covered in what it takes to run a barn. Topics will build off subjects covered in The Horse Course 101 and 102, but also new topics such as liabilities and scheduling will occur. Students will be encouraged to attend this class if they are interested in the behind the scenes care of a successful competition barn. 

*Equestrian Competition Management (Spring)

Equestrian competitions come in many formats depending on the discipline involved. Explore the multitude of career opportunities that are available through equine competition management. Some of these positions include competition manager, competition secretary, competition officials, equine obstacle technicians, equipment operators, competition stabling managers and volunteers. This course will explore different types of competition and will consist of classroom-type discussions, hands-on experience and some exposure to competitions in action. 

*Equestrian Internship (Summer)

After the completion of The Horse Course 101 and 102, Horse Handling and Grooming and Stable Management or Equestrian Competition Management courses, students may apply for a 40-hour internship.