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Readmitted Students

Students who want to take classes at MCC following an Academic Suspension or Dismissal work with a counselor through the readmission process and subsequent semesters until good standing with the college is achieved. Read more about Standards of Academic Progress.


Students seeking readmission after an Academic Suspension or Dismissal can begin the process by submitting a request form. Following its submission, a counselor from your campus will contact you to schedule an appointment. Your counselor will inform you of other documentation you will need to bring to your readmission appointment and any actions you can take before the meeting. See the Student Readmission Request form.

At Your Readmission Appointment

Your counselor will talk with you about your current circumstances, motivation, goals, and strengths. She will also review with you your academic record and discuss with you the challenges you faced in previous quarters. The goal of this meeting is to formally complete your readmission to MCC and help you assemble a comprehensive plan for academic success going forward.

Depending on your particular situation, follow up meetings may be required to complete readmission and registration. Your counselor will let you know the next steps to be taken by the end of your meeting.

Financial Aid Concerns

Most students returning from suspension or dismissal find that they are not in good standing with Financial Aid. Your counselor can talk with you about your financial status and discuss your options to pay for classes. More information about the financial aid satisfactory progress policies and submitting an appeal for financial aid can be found at the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policy and Standards page.