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FAQ's - Gateway to College

Frequently asked questions

How does the Gateway to College program work?

  • Students will be assigned to a Gateway to College learning community, consisting of a small cohort of students who take their first term foundation courses (English, Math, and College Success Strategies) together on the MCC Fort Omaha Campus.
  • After successfully completing the foundation term, students will transition into regular college classes selected with the guidance of a resource specialist.
  • All courses taken during the transition quarter will be based upon each students high school completion plan and education goals.
  • Students enrolled in MCC courses will earn both high school and college credit, as they work toward earning a high school diploma.


  • Students are expected to attend full time, maintain a "C" or higher, and must be present at 100 percent of their classes. Students are in class about 18 hours a week and have two to three hours of homework per day. Because Gateway to College is rigorous, students with jobs are encouraged to consider the time demands of the program. Students are expected to adhere to all MCC policies and procedures and are encouraged to use all resources available to them through their resource specialist, the Academic Resource Center, Writing Center, Math Center, tutors, etc.

How long will it take to earn A high school diploma?

  • Most students are in Gateway to College for one to three years. The exact length of time to earn a diploma varies by a student’s course load and credit needs. Students remain in Gateway to College until they earn a high school diploma or turn 21.

What is the cost of the program?

  • Through a partnership with participating schools, Gateway to College students receive a scholarship which pays for college tuition and books.
  • The scholarship is contingent upon the student’s performance in meeting foundation term standards and student progress of high school completion.
  • Students enrolled in a non-participating school will be charged a flat rate per quarter. This flat rate covers tuition, fees, books and materials.

What kind of support will help me be successful in a college setting?

Students who are accepted into the program are assigned a resource specialist, who provide necessary support through the following services:

  • Transcript reviews and academic advising
  • Assistance with completing enrollment and registration
  • Referrals to resources, such as tutoring, counseling, student activities, health services and more
  • Coaching and guidance with problem solving, time management and stress management

Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plans

Applicants who have received Special Education Services and who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in place will be required to participate in an IEP meeting at the participating school district. Gateway to College staff will connect the student to MCC's Disability Support Services for coordination of accommodations at MCC.

Still Enrolled in High School?

Students currently enrolled and actively attending High School may attend an information session to learn about the Gateway to College program.



Phone: 531-MCC-2213


Gateway to College