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Champions for Student Wellbeing

The MCC Champions for Student Wellbeing project recognizes MCC faculty and staff that are going above and beyond to support and promote student mental health and wellbeing.  

This project is a response to research highlighting the importance of increased mental health promotion and support on campus and in academic environments. 

Do you know a faculty or staff member who demonstrates a unique level of wellness in the choices they make and/or the way they lead?

We are calling for MCC students to nominate faculty and staff who support and promote student wellbeing!
  •  Serve as a “go to” person for wellness opportunities at MCC
  •  Raise awareness on different resources related to mental health and wellbeing
  •  Help create a community of care by providing a safer, healthier, and happier MCC environment

Exceptional nominees will have their profiles and work highlighted on the Student Wellness website and shared online on the MCC Wellness Facebook page. 

This nomination can be due to everyday behaviors or special isolated events/activities related to all areas of wellness.

MCC Champions for Student Wellbeing Nomination Form