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Sick Leave

Procedure Memoranda
Reference VI-13, Short Term Leave


Full-time exempt and non-exempt employees accrue sick leave at the rate of  4 hours per pay period up to a maximum of 880 hours. 

Accrued sick leave permits paid absence due to:

  • Disability caused by a medical condition of the employee;
  • The need to prevent exposure of co-workers and the public to contagious disease;
  • The need of the employee to obtain dental or medical care;
  • The illness or injury of a member of the employee's immediate family defined as father, mother, current spouse, dependent children, dependent stepchildren, and any relative living in the household of the employee; 
  • Adoption of a child when that child requires the personal care and presence of the employee.

A description of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provisions, which may apply in some cases, is available in Human Resources.

Upon retirement, a portion of the employee's accrued, unused sick leave may be paid to employees age 60 or older with a minimum total point score of 70 (points equal employee’s age at retirement plus years of regular employment with the College). The College will pay out a portion the retiree's accrued, unused sick leave at the employee's current daily rate, up to a maximum of 880 hours according to the following chart:

Total Point Score at Time of Retirement Percentage of Sick Leave Paid Out
80 or more 25%
79 24%
78 23%
77 22%
76 21%
75 20%
74 19%
73 18%
72 17%
71 16%
70 15%

For example: An employee age 60 at the time of retirement with 12 years of full-time employment would be paid 17% of their accrued, unused sick leave.

Upon the death of a current employee, 50 percent of the employee's unused sick leave will be paid to the employee's designated beneficiary.

HR contact: Karla Stoltenberg, 531-622-2235