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Humanities and The Arts

Who we are

The Humanities and the Arts academic area provides broad-based Liberal Arts education to satisfy general education requirements across all academic disciplines at Metropolitan Community College. We also provide career degree programs in the visual arts.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Humanities and The Arts is multifaceted:

Humanities courses engage students in the study of philosophy, music, humanities, art history, theatre and speech to help students recognize and practice imagination, reflection, creativity and critical thinking.

We facilitate language learning to diverse student populations using an integrative approach stressing vocabulary and conversational skills as well as cultural awareness.

Career programs in interior design, photography, design, interactivity and media arts, video and audio communication arts stress the creative and technical aspects needed for success. We maintain state-of-the-art facilities in these high-tech areas.

Fine Arts courses are offered to support transfer to four-year colleges and universities and provide foundation courses for students in the career Visual Arts programs. Arts courses affirm and nurture the creative spirit in all students, including lifelong learners. Additionally, Arts courses promote appreciation of art as a discipline and the contributions of art and artists to the culture and history of humanity.

We also stress the importance of entrepreneurship in all of our visual arts offerings. Many of our students will join the workforce as self-employed entrepreneurs and become employers instead of employees.

Our Programs

Course Descriptions

Department Contacts

Susan Trinkle, dean of Humanities and the Arts, 531-MCC-1342

Greeta Barrett, Academic Affairs associate, 531-MCC-1306

Annette Guy, Academic Affairs associate, 531-MCC-1329

Jeanne Hansen, Visual Arts computer lab technician, 531-MCC-1381

Gregg Pejsar, photo lab technician, 531-MCC-1237


Humanities faculty

Laura Chambers – Humanities
Andrea Iaccheri – Speech
Kambiz Jamshidi – Speech
BonnieJean Kurle – Philosophy
Janet McCarthy – Philosophy
Cindy Stover – Speech
Mary Umberger – Speech
Scott Working – Theatre

English faculty

Sana Amoura  English
Kimberly Armstrong English
Cindy Catherwood English
Jules DeSalvo English
Susan Ely English
Helen Fountain English
Dora Gerding English
Katie Gubbles English
RC Hoover English
Kris Fulkerson English
Katie Hupp English
Erin Joy English
Chad Jorgensen English
Elizabeth Kay English
Andrea Lang English
Steve Lovett – English
Brett Mertins English
Amy Rector - English
Kym Snelling English
Sara Lihz Staroska English
Melissa Tayles English
Marni Valerio English

Visual Arts faculty

Anne Burton – Art
Jim Butkus – Photography
Adam Dienst-Scott – Photography
Larry Gawel – Photography
Rebecca Hermann – Design, Interactivity and Media Arts
Bob Maass – Video/Audio Communication Arts
Luann Matthies – Design, Interactivity and Media Arts
Teanna Mirfield – Video/Audio Communication Arts
Carrie Morgan – Art
Joe Piper – Design, Interactivity and Media Arts
Ian Snyder – Design, Interactivity and Media Arts
Nanci Stephenson – Interior Design and Fashion Design
Sheila Talbitzer – Photography

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