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FAFSA Assistance

MCC | FAFSA assistance

Having difficulties completing your FAFSA? Get one-on-one assistance or attend a FAFSA Live workshop with financial aid staff to complete your FAFSA!

Assistance is available to current and prospective students.

FAFSA Assistance 1-ON-1

Schedule an on-line or in person FAFSA Assistance Appointment on our dedicated FAFSA Assistance Calendar or contact Metropolitan Community College's Financial Aid department at 531-MCC-2330.

FAFSA LIVE Workshops

FAFSA Live group workshops will soon be available for our community partners who interact with potential or former students and special MCC groups.  Please watch for updates coming soon!!!
These events will be held in accordance with public health measures and on-campus guidelines.

Please bring items listed below with you to the workshop:

FSA ID (username and password): Students and parents, if dependent, will need a FSA ID to electronically sign the FAFSA. Create a FSA ID at Instructions: Creating FSA ID. Video: How to create a FSA ID.

2023-2024 FAFSA assistance is now available.

See below for further information.

Students are required to bring the following for 2023-2024 FAFSA assistance:

  1. Valid Government issued — photo ID

  2. Social Security card

  3. Tax Filers — 2021 IRS tax return transcript or 1040 form and 2021 W2 forms (if student and/or parent filed taxes)

  4. Non Tax Filers — 2021 IRS W2 transcripts or forms (if student and/or parent worked in 2021)

  5. FSA ID

Priority Deadlines for Completing and Submitting the FAFSA

  • Fall quarter: July 1
  • Winter quarter: Oct. 1
  • Spring quarter: Jan. 1
  • Summer quarter: March 1