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Military Tuition Assistance

What is Tuition Assistance?

Military Tuition Assistance is a benefit paid to eligible members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Congress has given each service the ability to pay up to 100% for the tuition expenses of its members.  Please see your Education Services Officer (ESO) for additional information prior to enrolling in any education institution.

How Does it Work?

Each branch of service has its own eligibility criteria, payouts, restrictions and application process. The benefit is paid directly to the college by each respective branch of service. Payments are normally recieved 4-6 weeks after the start of the quarter.


MCC complies with DoD guidelines regarding return of unearned TA - Return of Military Tuition Assistance Policy

How Do I Apply for Tuition Assistance?

Each branch of service has a different application process.  Please see the below links for additional details or visit your Education Services Officer.

If you are a reservist or guard member in Nebraska, you may be entitled to Tuition Assistance through the State of Nebraska.

Nebraska National Guard

Reservist Tuition Credit Program

Who Can Help Me With My Application?

If you have access to Offutt AFB, you are encouraged to contact Grant Hoover for further information.
Grant Hoover, Military and Veteran Services Enrollment Specialist
Offutt AFB, Bldg D. 

If you do not have access to Offutt AFB, you are encouraged to contact Grant Hoover via phone or email.
You may also visit the Military/Veteran Services office at South Omaha campus.

Military/Veteran Services
South Omaha Campus, Con. 134

Military/Veteran Services - Education Benefits

Please visit the MCC Military/Veteran Services Office website for further information on military-connected education benefits and policies.