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Jennifer Allen

Dr. Jennifer Allen - Foundation Board of Director

Dr. Jennifer Allen is the current owner of Cohen & Kelly's Lounge. She has 25 years of experience as a public educator and administrator. She is a certified Speech, Language Pathologist and was a supervisor for Speech, Language & Hearing for Omaha Public Schools, Assistant Principal at Bryan High School from 2010-2012 and Assistant Principal Millard West High School from 2012-2022. She has a background with teaching college and career skills and enjoys working with counselors, teachers, parents and students on sharing how to access vital information to support their post-secondary goals. Dr. Allen has a strong passion for supporting continuing education that is the right fit for each individual student. She recognizes that there is no one right path for finding a trade or career that is the right fit for each one of us. She encourages all students to be lifelong learners and to pursue the dreams that are right for them.