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Code School


The Metropolitan Community College Code School is a part-time performance-based program providing access to industry-leading noncredit web development education and training. Upon successful completion of a 3, 6, 9, or 11-month noncredit training program, students will earn digital badges certifying their employable skills to enter the workforce as a junior Front-End, Back-End, or Full-Stack web developer. The program curriculum was developed with industry experts and Omaha area employers.

Who Should Enroll in Code School?

Code School provides entry points to the field of web development for individuals with no prior coding experience, career changers, and industry professionals interested in upskilling or reskilling to attain high-demand, high-paying careers in technology. 

All applicants are required to complete an application and the Smarter Measure assessment. Information provided during the application process will be used to determine readiness for enrollment into one of four MCC Code School Pathways. While no prior web development experience is necessary for entry to the program, applicants must have computer literacy and an understanding of operating procedures and software like file storage, email, Microsoft programs and more. Applicants with some experience may demonstrate their skills via a pre-assessment to qualify for accelerated entry into the program. 

Corporate Cohorts Available

For corporate clients, Code School offers customized, employer-paid cohorts to meet the needs of business and industry. These fast-paced programs immerse students in a rigorous curriculum and course structure based on needs identified by area employers who have aligned with MCC to help advance participants in their careers. For more information on corporate cohorts or other customized program options, submit an interest inquiry form.

Upcoming Courses Open for Enrollment

We are currently accepting applications for the following courses:

  • Front-End Web Development* – 12 weeks Starts April 16, 2024!
  • Full-Stack Web Development – 44 weeks Starts July 9, 2024! 
  • Introduction to Web Development - 12 weeks Starts July 9, 2024! ‚Äč
*Applicants who wish to enroll directly in Front-End or Back-End courses are required to complete a skills assessment and interview. 

Click on this link to start your application process today: