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Real Estate Workshop

Real estate agent showing a home to two individuals


MCC real estate pre licensing workshops are authorized by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission (NREC) and participants receive a certificate of completion from MCC after successful demonstration of course competencies.

Nebraska real estate licensure education requirements:
Effective July 1, 2020, the Nebraska Real Estate Commission (NREC) implemented changes to pre license education requirements for applicants seeking a real estate salesperson or brokers licensure in the State of Nebraska. Beginning July 1, 2020, an approved 6-hour Pre-Licensing Training focusing on real estate professional practice and standards is required before taking the examination.
For more information on Nebraska real estate education requirements, forms, and licensing processes, visit the NREC website.
For more information on MCC Real Estate Career Certificate and classes, contact Director of Real Estate & Insurance Programs, Seth Woodke, at


  • Individuals planning to take the Nebraska Real Estate Broker or Salesperson examination
  • Real estate professionals seeking professional continuing education units


Developing Professional Conduct and Ethical Practices (0003)
  • Outline disruptions as they relate to a real estate career
  • Discuss the significance of research studies, such as the Aspen Declaration, on ethical reasoning skills of the business professional.
  • Identify how real estate professionals are perceived in terms of honesty and integrity.
  • Define and review the difference between values, principles, and ethics as they relate to the real estate profession and identify values that are most important to them as they build their real estate careers.
  • Evaluate various types of behaviors when faced with ethical dilemmas.
  • Given a case scenario, identify which series of events in a transaction resulted in the transgression and provide adequate resolution to the problem.
  • Recognize that changing population trends increase the concern for providing equal professional service to all.
  • Identify major fair housing violations and how they are addressed in Fair Housing laws.
  • Recognize illegal fair housing activities and fine-tune enforcement choices.
  • Describe how to answer potentially illegal questions without damaging customer/client relationships.
  • Define and apply the basic terminology and principles of agency.
  • Summarize and demonstrate understanding of the State Laws and Administrative Rules related to real estate.
  • List agency obligations and fiduciary duties to the various parties in a real estate transaction.
  • Describe the Complaint process used by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.
  • Define the legal theories of Liability; Intentional Misrepresentation, Unintentional Misrepresentation, Intentional Concealment, Unintentional Concealment and Negligence.
  • Explain the importance of proper disclosure to the consumer and list the various remedies for misrepresentation.
  • Outline the types of complaints received at the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.
  • Explain what professional dress is for a real estate professional.
  • Employ a method of effective communication that is appreciated by the public and licensed peers throughout the real estate transaction.
  • Improve professionalism as it relates to interpersonal interactions, dress and general etiquette during a real estate transaction.

Upcoming Class Schedules, click on the class to register:

June 4-5, 2024 / Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm-9pm

Aug 20-21, 2024 / Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm-9pm

November 26-27, 2024 / Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm-9pm (Registration will be live on June 15)



Rena Herbert smiling

Rena Herbert, MA

Rena quickly realized her love for homes and started selling real estate in 2003. She has worked every aspect of the industry representing sellers, buyers, commercial, investors, and banks in residential sales. Having a passion to teach others Rena has taught as an Adjunct instructor in the College of Business/ Real Estate for the past 15 years. Rena has been trained and inspired by the top sales managers in the region. Her team of title companies, banks/lending institutions, inspectors, assistants, and team members, have the knowledge to provide immediate care in all real estate transactions. Five words you can count on from Rena Herbert integrity, attention to detail, timely communication. commitment, and results.

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