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Alice Waters, California chef, "Let things taste of what they are."

Alice Waters

California Chef

Alice Waters | American Masters | PBS
Harvard Business Review Life’s Work: An Interview with Alice Waters
b. Chatham, New Jersey 1944


  • Chez Panisse | Berkeley, California
  • Lulu | Los Angeles, California
  • Yale Sustainability Food Project
  • Slow Food International
  • Edible Schoolyard


  • The Art of Simple Food
  • Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook
  • Slow Food
  • The Edible Schoolyard


  • Masterclass The Art of Home Cooking

Reference Materials On Display

  • Image - Chez Panisse Entrance
  •  Book - Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook
  •  Book - Alice Waters & Chez Panisse
  •  Menu - Chez Panisse May 10-14, 2022

Additional Resource

American Regional Cuisines - Food Culture and Cooking | Chapter 12  Anglo-Asian California