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Thomas Keller, chef, his quote “A great meal is an emotional experience.”

Thomas Keller

HUFFPOST Thomas Keller On 'Vanity Fair' Criticism, Iconic Restaurants And What's Next For French Laundry

b. Camp Pendelton, California 1955


  • The French Laundry | Yountville
  • Bouchon | Las Vegas.Yountville
  • Ad Hoc—Addendum | Yountville
  • Regis Ova Caviar & Champagne | Yountville
  • La Calenda | Yountville
  • Per Se | NYC
  • The Surf Club Restaurant | Miami


  • Cookbooks - The French Laundry. Per Se. Ad Hoc. Bouchon. Under Pressure.
  • Masterclass - Essential Cooking Techniques

Reference Materials On Display

  • Apparel - Blue Apron
  • Book - The French Laundry
  • Book - The Soul of a Chef

Additional Resource

American Regional Cuisines -Food Culture and Cooking | Chapter 12 Anglo-Asian California